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    Off the beaten path, Come and find wonders galore on Georgia's Scenic Hometown Highway - Georgia Highway 27


         In traveling some of Georgia's best back road Experiences, you will not want to miss this major exhibit that is dedicated to local personality,

    Mahayley Lancaster 

                         A fortune-teller, lawyer, political activist, school teacher, and self-proclaimed "oracle of the ages," who became a

    West Georgia legend in the first half of the twentieth century. This legendary psychic is most remembered for her role in the

    murder trial of John Wallace which later became a best-selling book and movie, Murder in Coweta County

            Dot Moore, coauthor of Oracle of the Ages: Reflections on the Curious Life of Fortune Teller Mayhayley Lancaster (2001)

           was awarded the 2002 Lilla M. Hawes Award, which is given by the Georgia Historical Society to "the book judged the most worthy

    contribution to Georgia county or local history published during the previous year."


              And while you are here take a walk on Franklin's Kite labyrinth.The labyrinth is off to the side of a lovely concrete-paved

             walking trail that runs alongside the Chattahoochee River for 1 mile. You may park behind the Three Rivers (formerly Chatt-Flint)

             Regional Commission Center building, where the trail begins. Approximately 60 yards into the trail, you will see the labyrinth

             above you to the left. It is kite-shaped in honor of the electrical experiments of Ben Franklin, our City's namesake.

            There are benches at the entrance/exit and center of the labyrinth covered in stained glass mosaics portraying some of

            Ben Franklin's inventions and accomplishments.


    It is our mission to represent and advance the Economic interest of the
    commercial, industrial and civic community




    We seek to provide value by maintaining and enhancing a prosperous business climate for businesses,

    both existing and new, through support, promotion, and collaboration while respecting the regions character, culture and diversity









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