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    Off the beaten path, come and find wonders galore on Georgia's Scenic

    Hometown Highway - Georgia Highway 27




           The Heard County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is pleased to announce the

    addition of Melinda Brown as the new Chamber President. Melinda is a Heard County

    resident and has been involved for several years in various local activities and

    organizations. She will bring to the Chamber skills and experiences that focus on

    excellent customer service and strong organizational abilities. 





    Heard County Chamber Business of the Month

    Congratulations to Awbrey Logging for being selected as the

    March Business of the Month.





               Business of the Year                                                          Volunteer of the Year                 

                      Carroll EMC                                                                                                        Russ Mass                                                                                                                                                   

    January Business of the Month 


     Congratulations to PPG Coating Services for being selected as the Heard County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month for January. Formerly known as The Crown Group, PPG Coatings Services is the industry leader in protective coating applications, serving over 900 customers throughout the United States and around the world. PPG’s coatings services applies coatings to customers’ manufactured parts and assembled products. It operates on-site coatings services within several customer manufacturing locations, as well as at regional service centers, located throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Customers ship parts to PPG service centers, where they are treated to enhance paint adhesion and painted with electrocoat, powder or liquid coatings technologies. Coated parts are then shipped to the customer’s next stage of assembly. PPG coats an average of more than 1.5 million parts per day. 


                           Mill Town Music Hall - Events for 2019



    Be sure to keep a check on our Calendar of Events for area activities     









    The Heard County Chamber of Commerce Office is located  at 164 Davis Street

     (beside Caldwell Law Firm) on the Square in Franklin, Georgia

    The New Telephone Number is (706) 948-0466




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