• Plasti-Paint, Inc. Named

    2014 Business of the Year


         This year’s Business of the Year was founded in St. Louis, Michigan in 1990. Their commitment was to supply world class paint finishes to the automotive market. Continuing on that commitment, the company expanded to Dewitt Iowa in 2000 and in 2010 to Franklin, Georgia.

          The Dewitt facilities primary focus is agricultural and recreational market while St. Louis, Michigan and Franklin, Georgia set their sights on automotive and appliance industries.

          All three locations are ISO 9001-2008 certified and offer class 'A' Basecoat (clearcoat) finishing using both interior and exterior paint technologies.

          Management made the decision to open a plant in the south due to logistics and demand.  Franklin, Georgia was chosen since Franklin Aluminum/JAC Products of Franklin is one of Plasti-Paint's largest customers….

          Plasti-Paint is currently running three shifts and employs 80 people.  Sixty-five percent of the eighty employees are Heard County residents. Two of the three shifts paint luggage rack components for the automotive industry, while the other shift is primarily dedicated to painting dishwasher and laundry components for (General Electric) GE.

          While all their employees aren’t residents of Heard County, all of them in some way patronize the local businesses of the County, including restaurants, convenience stores, and support companies.

          Please join us in congratulating Plasti-Paint Incorporated (PPI) as our 2014 Business of the Year.